avril 11, 2021

Podcast :: African Punk by Jocelyn H

Par Ground Control To Major Tom

The Genuines – Die Struggle
National Wake – International News
Songhoy Blues – Should I Stay Or Should I Go (The Clash cover)
Riot Squad SA – Permanent Force
TCIYF – Band Practice
Wild Youth – Wot Bout Me
Asylum Kids – Fight It With Your Mind
Crystal Axis – Take The Throne
Haoussa – Human Insanity
Demokhratia – La Dine La Doula
Make-Overs – It’s Not Allowed
Runaway Nuns – Getting Old
Black Math – Abstracted (Be Careful What You Listen For)
KOOS – Breed Like Rats
Taqbir – Sma3
Gnar Jar – Skate And Violate
ZWM – L’fawda
Taekwondo Sleepover – Pleasure
Znous – Sidi Arbi
Ifriqiyya Électrique – Arrah Arrah Abbaina – Bahari – Tenouiba

Playlist by Jocelyn H.