novembre 28, 2017

PODCAST 25::11::2017

Par Olivier


COVER ME, I’M FAMOUS nous a dit un jour David Gâteux, mais comme on ne l’aime pas trop lui, on a concocté une playlist sans babla avec des groupes que l’on aime bien.

Etienne Daho :: Arnold Layne (Syd Barrett Cover)
Angel Corpus Christi :: Cheree Cheree (Suicide Cover)
Rodolphe Burger :: Sunday Morning (The Velvet Underground Cover)
The Boo Radleys :: The Queen Is Dead (The Smiths Cover)
Nick Cave :: Goodbye Marylou (Michel Polnareff Cover)
Bill Ryder-Jones :: Nothing lasts forever (Echo and the Bunnymen Cover)
Martin Courtney :: Major Leagues (Pavement Cover)
PJ Harvey :: Red Right Hand (Nick Cave Cover)
Tears For Fears :: Sea Song (Robert Wyatt Cover)
Sonic Youth :: Within You Without You (The Beatles Cover)
Stephen Malkmus :: Vitamin C (Can Cover)
Aquaserge & Laure Briard :: 10.15 Saturday Night (The Cure Cover)
Bertrand Burgalat & A.S Dragon :: Easy Tiger ( Depeche Mode Cover)
Amanda Shankar :: Jumpin Jack Flash (Rolling Stones Cover)
Movie Star Junkies :: Requiem Pour Un Con (Serge Gainsbourg Cover)
Nico :: Heroes (David Bowie Cover)